Stump Grinding and Removal

Get Rid of an Unsightly Stump

Get Rid of an Unsightly Stump

Turn to us for stump grinding services in or around Richmond, VA

If you're tired of a stump taking up space in your yard, it's time to get a stump grinding service from Almeida's Tree Services. We grind down all kinds of stumps in Richmond, VA. You can have us grind stumps from trees we've cut down or from past tree removal services.

We'll grind down your stump until it's flush with the ground. You can also get a full stump removal service depending on the size of the stump. Our team will use a Bobcat skid loader to pull up the stump, fill in the hole with soil and put down new grass seed if needed.

Contact us to get a stump grinding or stump removal service.

Benefits of grinding down stumps

Wondering why it's worth it to get a stump grinding service? Getting rid of your stump will:

Create more usable space in your yard
Make your yard safer for kids and pets
Remove a potential home for pests

Plus, by having us grind down your stump, you won't have to worry about there being a hole that needs to be filled in.

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